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Donor Stories

Donor Stories

Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.

  • My Gratitude for the People and Services that Changed My Son's Life
    My Gratitude for the People and Services that Changed My Son's Life

    "Parents need to plan for their children's future, especially when they have special needs like my son, Peter. I created a Special Needs Trust to care for Peter when I'm no longer around to help him, as well as a specific planned gift to support Ability Beyond. I can never thank Ability enough for their devoted staff, especially during Peter's cancer treatment. I'm sure their care contributed to his cure.

    Not only do I want to make sure I do everything I can to help Peter in the future, I want to help ensure the longevity of Ability Beyond by directly supporting their needs. Whether it's to sustain operational costs, plan for group vacations for Peter's housemates, hire the best staff or create new services—this is the way parents care for their children and the place that's given them such a wonderful life. I'm so grateful to Ability for all they've done for Peter!"


  • A Life Beyond Our Dreams at Ability
    A Life Beyond Our Dreams at Ability

    "We were so fortunate to have found Ability Beyond to provide a residence and a day program for our son Ryan, twenty three years ago. It has been 'beyond' our dreams that he is in a 'home' and in daily activities he enjoys, provided by the caring and loving staff of Ability Beyond.

    Years ago, we felt compelled to ensure Ryan's future is like his present, when we both are gone. We dedicated funds in our wills enabling Ability Beyond to continue the wonderful care they provide for Ryan and others."

    —Pat and Karen


    "Since Mitchell's injury many years ago, I never lost the dream that my son would have a full and enriched life. Ability Beyond's Chappaqua Program Center does exactly that for him, as well as the independence he has through their Supported Independent Living services.

    Mitchell's day is filled with friendships both from other participants as well as with Ability's devoted staff. Mitchell learns new skills to adapt to his changing needs; he has fun; he has purpose; he enjoys his life--- and I never want that to end for him or others who need Ability Beyond. My planned gift ensures that for Mitchell and for Ability's future."